MKM Learning Mentors are a special kind of educator; their passion and commitment is evidenced by their genuine relationships with students.

Our Mentors are selected based on a detailed criteria that takes into consideration their experience, qualifications, relationship building techniques and their teaching style. As we understand that every student’s needs are unique, we strive to ensure we have qualified Mentor’s who understand the need for differentiation and customised learning for each student.

A key aspect of determining who is the best fit for MKM is through a two-part interview process:  1. Interview with the Director 2. Lesson Observation with Students. Our students play a fundamental role in selecting our Mentors as it is their feedback, coupled with our observation, that allows us to determine who becomes part our specialised team.

One of our greatest strengths is that we don’t just pair any student with any Mentor. There is a thorough consultation and observation period that takes place to ensure your child matches with the Mentor to ensure your child will get the absolute most of their lessons with us.