About Master Key Mentoring

MKM Learning Mentors are a special kind of educator; their passion and commitment is evidenced by their genuine relationships with students.

Our Mentors are selected based on a detailed criteria that takes into consideration their experience, qualifications, relationship building techniques and their teaching style. As we understand that every student’s needs are unique, we strive to ensure we have qualified Mentor’s who understand the need for differentiation and customised learning for each student.

A key aspect of determining who is the best fit for MKM is through a two-part interview process:

  1. Interview with the Director
  2. Lesson Observation with Students.

Our students play a fundamental role in selecting our Mentors as it is their feedback, coupled with our observation, that allows us to determine who becomes part our specialised team.

One of our greatest strengths is that we don’t just pair any student with any Mentor. There is a thorough consultation and observation period that takes place to ensure your child matches with the Mentor to ensure your child will get the absolute most of their lessons with us.

Meet the Team

Our Space

The MKM learning space is not a classroom, it’s a community space that our student’s love to visit.

At MKM we take a deep pride in knowing that we have developed a unique tutoring service above and beyond other learning services available. Part of achieving this is the access students have to a dynamic learning space that we have created, where students feel comfortable and at home; it is an integral aspect of developing our collaborative culture.

Why Choose Us?



Individualised learning experiences are an integral part of successful student learning. Our experienced Mentors cater for the independent learning needs of our students by focusing on their strengths to build upon their skills and knowledge base.



A student’s personal best is what defines our understanding of success. Every student is different and we nurture their individuality to foster personal growth. We believe that every student can succeed by ensuring they are driven by the processes, not the content.



Students have the ability to attend a diverse range of learning experiences such as one-on-one, small group tutorials, Group workshops, Masterclasses, excursions and retreats. Our students are encouraged to become active learners beyond the classroom walls.



We promote a collaborative learning culture through the provision of group learning experiences and a learning environment that is open and communal. We believe learning spaces should invite and ignite a students learning experience.



We believe that fostering genuine and meaningful relationships is the foundation of positive and productive learning. Our use of Facebook and Blogs as an interactive source of communication strengthens our relationships between Parent, Student and Mentor.



Our strong affiliation with prominent Gold Coast schools means that our finger is on the pulse of both independent educational expectations and national curriculum standards.


One-on-one Mentoring is offered with Mentors who specialise in the requested subject area. Student and Mentors are carefully selected to ensure that there is a strong rapport on which to build and develop Student’s learning. Successful outcomes of Students are owing to the positive relationships at the centre of our teaching philosophy.

Small Group

Small groups of 2-3 are offered to Students to promote peer collaboration. Students can work in a small group of Students, of similar ability level, to encourage them to help, focus and teach each other. Fostering a community culture within our Students promotes a positive learning environment that encourages Student-directed learning.


Students can attend a variety of excursions over the year such as theatre performances, art museums and exhibitions, or a visit to ABC studios for a live recording of QandA. We strongly encourage students to attend any excursions to build relationships and become active citizens of the wider community.


Workshops are offered as an opportunity for Students to gain direction at the beginning of assessments. Dependent upon demand, Students have the opportunity to request workshops at the beginning of terms and assessment. Workshops are run of groups 4-8 for 1.5 hours and are interactive. Students are provided with worksheets and booklets to guide the learning process.


Students have the ability to have one-on-one sessions for Mentoring via Skype. This enables us to work with Students irrespective of their location and is particularly useful when Students are on exchange overseas, and still have to complete school work. Skype is an invaluable tool when reviewing Student work or working with Students who are unable to attend school. Students who are home-schooled also benefit from the additional insight offered from our Mentors.

Study Retreats

MKM runs a variety of retreats to engage Students in learning beyond the classroom context. We have run Creative Writing Retreats and Study Retreats amidst the natural beauty of the Gold Coast such as Currumbin Valley and the Hinterlands. Retreats involve scheduled programmes throughout the day with a range of Mentors, such as subject specialists as well as Organisation and Design Mentors to teach broader skills that can be applied to the life of a student. Additionally, we offer activities such as yoga and meditation, kayaking, hiking trails and group challenges that encourage health and well-being as well as group bonding during their stay.

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Provisional Learning Pathway Form

NOTE: Depending on availability we can not guarantee your mentor

Casual Learning Pathway Form

NOTE: Depending on availability we can not guarantee your mentor

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This individualised learning experience is an integral part of our student’s educational success. Catering to all levels of skills and abilities, we hand select our student’s Mentor based on personality, ability and learning style. Our experienced Mentors personalise each lesson to match their student’s needs, strengths, knowledge and goals. Enrolment options are referred to as ‘Learning Pathways’. Our Learning Pathways or LPs are as follows:

Level: Primary, High School, University

Subjects: English (all levels including IB), English as a Second Language, Mathematics
(all levels), Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Business

Optimum Learning Pathway (OLP)

Permanent Mentor, Weekly session/s for entire term, access to all MKM facilities and services.

Casual Learning Pathway (CLP)

Best fit, available Mentor. Pre-booked (x) number of sessions. Can be used throughout term with 5 days’ notice provided.

Provisional Learning Pathway (PLP)

Available Mentors only. Minimum 2 hours.

Enrollment Outcomes

  • Achieving personal success
  • Individualised and differentiated learning experiences
  • Joining a support network and community


Pre-enroll for one of our online courses by completing our online form (to the right).

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