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Theodore, Ted, Lee is one of MKM's long-standing Mentors. He has been the recipient of the Mentor of the Year Award and is one of our most highly regarded Mentors. Theo's approach to Math has always been simple and logical. As a trained high school educator, he has had to contribute to writing ATAR assessments and understands QCAA requirements at its most fundamental level.

Expertise & Experience is Everything

ATAR Accelerator Modules for English have been expertly written and designed by Master Key Mentoring's Founder & Director, Tracey Daranjo. Tracey has been a teacher for 20 years and has become the Gold Coast's most in-demand English Mentoring Guru!

Queensland University of Technology 9QUT)
Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA)


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Module 1

Math Methods Module 1 covers various syllabus topics 1, 2, 4 & 5. These topics include:

  • Relationships of Functions
  • Piece-wise Functions
  • Transformations of Graphs
  • Quadratic Revision
  • Quadratic Determinants

Module 2

Math Methods Module 2 covers a range of syllabus topics 1,2, 4 & 5. These topics include:
  • Abstract Graphs
  • Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • Binomial Expansion
  • Overview of Powers and Polynomials and Polynomial Long Division

Module 3

Topic 3 Counting & Probability

If you don’t know how to answer an essay question in an exam, don’t panic! It’s all here for you with our formulated Steps to Success. This Module is all about planning and is exactly what MKM students have been taught how to nail their essays – and now you can know, too.

Coming in 2021

Module 4

Units 3 & 4

Coming in 2021

Module 5

Units 3 & 4

Coming in 2021

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We hope these may answer any questions you have
If you are still unsure whether any of the ATAR Accelerator Modules are right for you, you can take a Virtual Tour of the Modules! The video should be accessible at the top of the page or you can visit our YouTube channel: Master Key Mentoring (MKM) and search for our ATAR Accelerator Virtual Tour

Do you have to write an analytical essay? Then the answer is: yes! Though we have designed these Modules to be specifically aligned to the QCAA syllabus, if you need to write an analytical essay response to a text, then most of the modules will still be extremely relevant – especially Modules 1, 2 and 3. The only variance may arise out of the expected ‘structure’ or ‘language’ that you specifically need to use. For this reason, Module 4 and Module 5 will eventually also be written specifically for IB curriculum and A-Level English.

In the case of Math, just look at each of the “topics” covered in each Math Module and you will be able to know whether it applies to your curriculum. You can click on each Module and it will provide you with an overview of the specific topics covered.

If you are a student who wants to receive the best results possible, the earlier you start the better! In fact, I would encourage you to get these Modules once you are in Year 10. In both English and Math, the strongest indication of performance is practise. If you can get a head start on the key skills and techniques you need in your core subjects, then you are already winning.

If you are studying any kind of humanities-based subject or research assessment, yes. There will be elements of writing, researching and deconstructing texts that will be 100% applicable to the subject you are studying such as Modern or Ancient History, Philosophy, Psychology including writing an EE!

If you are a university level student, these methods are taught as part of the basic reading and analysing components needed to write high distinction level papers. 
Additionally, if you haven’t taken Math Methods at high school level, you may require some level of understanding of it for pre-requisite subjects.
Yes!! We are so excited to not only be introducing the completed Modules for – “English: Unit 4, Analytical Essay” & “Math Methods: Units 1 & 2”, over the course of 2021 we will also be introducing for English: IA3 Creative/Imaginative Response and Math Methods Unit 3 & 4.
These Modules will also be designed to include:  Study Guide, Video tutorials, PowerPoints, Cheat Sheets & PDFs & Access private Facebook Group.
We are also currently trialling some ‘gamification’ widgets and apps and if added to the existing Modules – you will get automatic access to all upgrades and updates as part of your initial sign-up!
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