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Book your next mentoring session online using one of our online booking forms. choose the appropriate mentoring session, fill in your details and prepare for next session.
Optimum Learning Pathway

Regular sessions, every week, same Mentor, same day/time.

Casual Learning Pathway

Pre-booked block of sessions, sessions as needed with 7 days notice, Mentor dependent on availability).

Provisional Learning Pathway
Less than 48 hours notice provided, minimum 2 hour session, higher-rates apply.
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Optimum Learning Pathway Form

Casual Learning Pathway Form

NOTE: Depending on availability we can not guarantee your mentor

Provisional Learning Pathway Form

NOTE: Depending on availability we can not guarantee your mentor

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This individualised learning experience is an integral part of our student’s educational success. Catering to all levels of skills and abilities, we hand select our student’s Mentor based on personality, ability and learning style. Our experienced Mentors personalise each lesson to match their student’s needs, strengths, knowledge and goals. Enrolment options are referred to as ‘Learning Pathways’. Our Learning Pathways or LPs are as follows:

Level: Primary, High School, University

Subjects: English (all levels including IB), English as a Second Language, Mathematics
(all levels), Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Business

Optimum Learning Pathway (OLP)

Permanent Mentor, Weekly session/s for entire term, access to all MKM facilities and services.

Casual Learning Pathway (CLP)

Best fit, available Mentor. Pre-booked (x) number of sessions. Can be used throughout term with 5 days’ notice provided.

Provisional Learning Pathway (PLP)

Available Mentors only. Minimum 2 hours.

Enrollment Outcomes

  • Achieving personal success
  • Individualised and differentiated learning experiences
  • Joining a support network and community


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