Welcome to Master Key Mentoring.

MKM has an exemplary record of improving students’ academic results. Yet, the most notable of our achievements has been, and continues to be, the reputation that we have built in devoting, nurturing and spending time with each of our students.

“It is our reputation for the genuine and meaningful relationships that we cultivate that allows us to thrive within an educational culture that can often cause isolation and disillusionment for both students and its educators.”

For us, the students always come first. From the staff we employ, to the space we work from, to the hours we commit to Mentoring; it is our drive to be the difference in our students learning that is the impetus for the choices we make.

Further, we believe that our staff must be valued for their expertise, experience and guidance. We believe this, ultimately, promotes a culture of compassion and consideration to flourish. In this way, MKM prides itself on the support and value that we ascribe to our Mentors so our learning community prospers.

Without being trite, school is one of the most powerful environments that has the ability to shape a child into who they will become. Too often, meeting the standards of statistics and data means that schools can reduce students to numbers and cohorts, and thus, render them invisible.

At MKM, we place our students at the forefront of our community, they are ‘seen’, so that they can, indeed, go on to become the amazing individuals they are meant to be.

Tracey-Lee Daranjo
Founder & Director