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UNIT 4: ATAR Analytical Essay (EA)


Course Overview

Ever get into your English essay exam and just look at the question and immediately think: I don’t even know where to start!?

Never think this again! Our very own English expert has created this Planning Module which specifically focuses on how to plan and understand an essay question effectively. Understanding the exam question in a high-pressure environment, such as the ATAR exams, is a skill in its own right. Knowing what is being asked of you is one of the most crucial elements of exam success. This E-Module walks you through how to break down the question, understand key words and formulate successful arguments and ideas in the exam.

An A+ essay doesn’t just happen by magic – it comes with planning and preparation. This is a winning formula taught exclusively to MKM students and now gives you a step-by-step guide on how the experts do it. In this Module, you will cover everything you need to know to successfully and strategically plan during your English ATAR exam.

What's Included

  • PDF Downloads
  • Worksheet Downloads
  • Audio Player
  • Video Lesson
  • Live Webinar
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